Israeli crime boss shot dead in Mexico was underworld ‘legend’- “Times of Israel”

Ben Suthi had been in a decades long feud with one of Israel’s top criminal organizations at the time of his killing, which Mexican authorities believe was a ‘settling of scores’

An Israeli crime boss assassinated in Mexico on Wednesday was a notorious figure in Israel’s underworld, with a criminal career dating back to gang wars in the 1990s.

Tel Aviv native Ben Suthi was shot dead in broad daylight in an upscale shopping mall in Mexico City along with Alon Azoulay of Bat Yam.

In 1997, Suthi orchestrated the attempted killing of criminal rival Manny Aslan at a Tel Aviv eatery. His accomplices in the murder, the Mckayten brothers, were caught red-handed, and one turned state’s witness, implicating Suthi in the crime. Suthi was arrested, refused to reveal who ordered him to kill Aslan, and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

He escaped from prison in 2001 and fled to Central America, where he was suspected of involvement in violent crime and drug trafficking. He was arrested in Mexico in 2004 and extradited to Israel to finish his prison sentence, Ynet reported.

“Even in the police, and in the underworld, they knew who Ben Suthi was,” Eli Senyor, a crime reporter for Yedioth Ahronot, told Channel 13. “The fact that he sat in Israeli prison for many long years, and before that was on the run, all of that didn’t undermine his status — it did the opposite. He was becoming a legend.”

Senyor described his killing as “an earthquake in the underworld, nothing less.

“There hasn’t been a killing of this magnitude in years,” Senyor said.

Police arrive at an upscale shopping mall at the south of Mexico City, July 24, 2019, where a woman wearing a blond wig disguise killed two Israeli men

Suthi was released from prison in Israel in February and was still regarded as one of the main enemies of the Mosli crime organization.

In the last year, the rivalry between Suthi and the Mosli group was likely connected to the slaying of two men in Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood, Uzi Bar Zion and Elad Sardinioff, who were killed in a car explosion. Another underworld figure, Sharon Dadon, was assassinated in a Ramat Gan parking structure in a suspected retaliation.

Mexican authorities said that Suthi’s killing may have been linked to the extradition of his associate Erez Akrishevsky, who was extradited from Mexico to Israel the day before the killing. Akrishevsky was close to Suthi, and had fled Israel with him in 2001, living for the past 18 years in Mexico under the assumed name Ricardo Lopez before he was caught by Mexican police this month and returned to Israel.

Mexican officials said Friday that the shooting, which included a diversionary attack with an assault rifle against police outside the mall, was likely linked to drug cartels and money laundering.

Mexico’s top police official wouldn’t say which cartel may have been involved in the brazen assault. Local media reported the shooters may have worked for the notorious Jalisco cartel, but officials refused to confirm that.

“These are a settling of scores between organized criminal gangs with various interests,” said Alfonso Durazo, the secretary of security and civilian protection.

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Saturday 27 of July, 2019.

By MexicoDigital.News

Tulum, Qro. México.

Poesía, Eduardo Galeano.

Hay un único lugar donde ayer y hoy se encuentran y se reconocen y se abrazan. Ese lugar es mañana”.

Banxico Informa: Estado de cuenta reservas de dolares.

Banco de México, reporte completo sobre saldos cuenta reservas internacionales en dolares y otros papeles moneda.

Bolsa de valores tuvo avance en primer semestre, marcando leve tendencia positiva.

Dentro del marco de quebranto financiero del sector público, en porcentaje de deuda vs el mismo en PIB, de factor 1:2, nos encontramos bien.

Podríamos bien estar creciendo al 4, 5, 6%, sin duda alguna.

Claro. Pero contratando mas y mas deuda y dichas obras serian como marca fiel nuestra reciente historia, boquetes financieros.

Documento.. del Banco Central.

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Sunday’s Literature and great masters.

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales”.

C.S. Lewis.

Photograph. By Novelicius

Sunday the 14th of July, 2019

Tulum, Qr.


La campeona disciplinada vs la vulgar ensenando su fisico y degradando la moral.

La primera foto es de una mujer deportista de alto rendimiento y se rompe en cuero, entrenando. Valores; educación, dedicación, esfuerzo y mucha disciplina. Holandesa de nacionalidad.

Esta seguiente, representa a México. Una mujer que se desnuda para promover su fisico, cultura a lo vulgar, decadente. Valores: ensenar su cuerpo, Cirujia plastica, bioescultura, rinoplastia. Aumento de trasero. El puro ego.

De verdad que somos dos totalmente razas nosotros los mexicanos. Unicos. Por una parte la deportista campeona y por otra una casi prostituta. Esa, esa es la diferencia entre nosotros y paises desarrollados y con valores.


México’s update on new finance minister: Arturo Herrera.

Mexico’s new finance minister Arturo Herrera is a pragmatic and respected policy maker who says he was inspired to study economics by the Latin American debt crisis that wrought financial chaos and wrecked livelihoods in his country.

Decades later, he must boost investor confidence in a shrinking economy buffeted by what his predecessor and mentor Carlos Urzua called “extremism” that led him to resign on Tuesday with a strongly worded letter. (REUTERS)

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday named former World Bank executive and long-time ally Herrera to succeed Urzua.

With information from REUTERS.

Tulum, Qr. 9/07/19′ 🇲🇽


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