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NASA’s Ascent Abort-2 Flight Test Launches atop Northrop Grumman Provided Booster

Tuesday, July the Second. 2019.

A brilliant sunrise fills the sky before a fully functional Launch Abort System (LAS) with a test version of Orion attached, launches on NASA’s Ascent Abort-2 (AA-2) atop a Northrop Grumman provided booster on July 2, 2019, at 7 a.m. EDT, from Launch Pad 46 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett

NASA officials were all smiles following the AscentAbort-2 flight test of the launch abort system (LAS) for NASA’s Orionspacecraft on Tuesday, July 2.

That was a spectacular test we all witnessed this morning. It was really special for the program; a really big step forward to us,” Orion Program Manager Mark Kirasich said during a post-launch briefing about two hours after the launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. “It was a really great day all around — weather and the vehicle.”

Video Link…



Space X, successful last night launch of 24 sattelites. Falcon Heavy.

Space X, incredible yesterday’s launched and came back in all green dashboard!

This photo its from base !

Link of video from Space X mission control.
T-60 seconds →

Now this above and beyond beutiful take of them two stages up abroad space.

We are a always facinated with the discovery and search.

Great work from Elon Musk, NASA and all operatives from Space X itself. All photos, video are provided by Space X.



Monique Van De Velde: Won this past weekend all races

🇳🇱 This past weekend Monique won all bike races in Europe, as so the other women from The Netherlands.

She’s becoming an ultra champion. 🇳. 🇱 🇳

We like to congratulete her. She’s and example of sportmanship.. as real as it gets.

She’s our champ

Jimena Sanchez, una mujer sintética hasta el tope. La decadencia de lo vulgar.

Por redacción. Jimena Sanchez, reconoció que vive uno de los mejores años de su carrera en la televisión. La presentadora de FOX Sports está aumentando a cada paso que da su relevancia pública y ya es toda una celebridad en México.

Su cuenta de Instagram cuenta ya con más de seis millones de followers, lo que demuestran que es una influencer con un potencial impresionante y así se lo hacen saber las marcas que de tanto en tanto le toca publicitar.

No estamos en contra de la belleza, deporte y cuidado personal.

Estamos en contra de la cultura de lo vulgar, de la cultura al EGO, de esta moda convertida en enfermedad, que ha pasado invadido a las personas a travez de las multiples y constantes operaciones; Sintéticas. Botox, Rinoplastias, y todo por convertirse alguien que uno no es.

Para MéxicoDigital.News editor.II

Tulum,Qr. Jueves 20 de Junio, 2019.

David Alfaro Siqueiros, pintor y muralista mexicano.

Cultural y artes,

Como sabado de cultura y arte, traemos cuatro murales incluido en la portada, que dan luz a su arte, de lo que nos regalo este tremendo artista.

Plasmo la lucha, realidad y opresión a una raza. Fue el mas grande para un servidor.

David Alfaro. Un grande entre de otros iluestres artitas, comprometido con la lucha social en nuestro México.

Sabado 15 de junio.

Tulum, Qr.


Monique Van De Velde; from Netherlands. Bike women

From The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Comes all the way to America, this beautiful champ . She’s a dream angel, and one hell of sportsmanship ultra woman.

She bikes more than 50 miles average per day. She has been winning all competitions, including my own heart.



(REUTERS). U.S. senators offer bill targeting Russia-Germany pipeline.

#World #InternationalNews

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A group of Republican and Democratic U.S. senators introduced legislation on Tuesday seeking sanctions targeting the Nord Stream 2, a planned gas pipeline from Russia to Germany under fire from the United States and some European Union countries.

The bill introduced by Republican Senators Ted Cruz, John Barrasso and Tom Cotton and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, seeks to impose travel and financial sanctions on companies and individuals involved in constructing the pipeline.

The legislation reflects continued U.S. concerns over Russian influence in Europe, but the measure is many steps from becoming law. It would need to pass both the Senate and House of Representatives and be signed by President Donald Trump to go into effect.

The Nord Stream 2 project is led by the Russian state-owned gas company Gazprom, with funding from Germany’s Uniper and BASF unit Wintershall, Anglo-Dutch firm Shell, Austria’s OMV and France’s Engie.

Opponents of the 11-billion-euro ($12 billion) project worry its construction will increase European reliance on Russian energy. Trump has accused Germany of being “captive” to Moscow because of its dependence on Russian energy, and urged that the project be halted.

But gas by pipeline from Russia offers Germany, the biggest economy in Europe, and other countries in the region a cheaper option for fuel than liquefied natural gas from the United States and other producers.

Germany also wants to reduce its reliance on coal and nuclear energy.

The pipeline, which would carry gas straight to Germany under the Baltic Sea, has also been criticized because it would deprive Ukraine of lucrative gas transit fees, potentially making Kiev more vulnerable.

Washington has touted liquefied natural gas, delivered by U.S. companies, as an alternative to Russian gas. Information from: REUTERS.

News from our Military academy, Indiana. 91′ Class.

This was the my house for some of the best years! Of my life. I really have to say that I am still a cadet, that is in my soul. Some of the best and most extraordinary people in the world, I meet in this place….  #GoEagles!

Culver’s announcement of New Commandant of Cadets…

I am pleased to convey the very good news to the broad Culver Community that Colonel Michael Squires, U.S. Army, has accepted the position of Commandant of Cadets at Culver and will report for duty in July 2019. His wife, Sarah, and their two children, Adeline, 13, and Declan, 11, also look forward to moving to Culver.

Mike comes to Culver from West Point where he has served first as Tactical Officer of a 1,100 person Regiment and now serves as the Brigade Tactical Officer of the entire 4,500 Cadet Brigade with staff of approximately 85 commissioned and noncommissioned officers. He is responsible for the academic, military, physical and character development of all of the West Point cadets. As part of his duties, he is also serving as a member of the Superintendent’s strategic decision-making team for West Point.

Mike graduated fifth in his class from West Point in 1998 and while at West Point he attended the U.S. Naval Academy for a semester as part of an exchange program. He has the unusual distinction of lettering in Sprint (lightweight) football at both service academies.

As a junior officer he led a 39-man airborne infantry unit in Kosovo and Tunisia and then commanded a 135 soldier mechanized Infantry Company in Iraq. Next, he built a new airborne Ranger Company for combat duty in Afghanistan while commanding targeted raids in support of Joint Special Operations in that country. Following that experience he spent two years at Fort Benning, Georgia leading the training of 4,000 Rangers annually.

Mike was sent by the army in the fall of 2012 to the highly respected Masters’ program at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. He used that education to teach Advanced Economics for three semesters at West Point in the Department of Social Sciences and received the William F. Murdy award for teaching excellence.

After that initial tour at West Point, he became Garrison Commander of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia, responsible for 5,000 servicemen from four branches of the nation’s Armed Forces with the mission of readying the airfield for training and as a rapid deployment base. He returned to West Point and his present assignment two years ago.

Mike visited Culver twice this winter and some of you may have seen or met him. We look forward to welcoming him, Sarah, Adeline and Declan to the Culver family this summer.


Jim Power
Head of Schools
Culver Academies

Pictured: Sarah, Declan, Adeline, and Colonel Michael Squires.