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Quintana Roo; “Lo logramos”. -Formalnte convertido, Paraiso de crímen.

Por la redacción. Playa del Carmen. Mayo 22.

El resultado y espejo de un País envuelto en un espiral de deterioro social en muchos aspectos fundamentales.

Hoy por fin y tristemente hay que aceptarlo. 288 Muertos! por violencia hasta las 18:30 horas. Durante la noche abra más.

En resumen, “no podemos esperar justicia”, donde no hay.

Hipotecar esperanzas en los servidores públicos: que se encargan de enforzarla, ha sido nuestro verdadero calvario, ya que principalmente son delincuentes con charola.

Sabemos esto desde hace muchas decadas, sin embargo hoy ya comienza a causar alarmas.

NOTA: ”Si sembramos manzanas, no te salen judiciales”. SI LA LEY SE APLICARA A RAJA TABLA. No tendriamos este terrible cochinero.

Seguimos opinando, que URGE! adoptar modelos de justicia Asiaticos. Dónde se ponen -ejemplares- penas a esta gente, incluyendo penas capitales.

México, si puede. Podemos terminar con esto. Esta en nuestra voluntad. No vendra, ni del estado, ni del legislativo, ni mucho menos, de las incuvadoras y escuelas criminales; que conforman el sistema juducial”.

Existe una solución.

Investigación especial de – ONEA.

(De ONEA) Grupo Peben es su gran marca. Pese a sus vínculos, conexiones y contratos millonarios con los sexenios del PRI, el actual gobierno encabezado por el panista Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares le mantuvo los convenios cuando prometió “ni perdón ni olvido” a quienes cometieron daño a la hacienda pública estatal.

Grupo Peben, una de las empresas que utilizó el diputado federal Edgar Spinoso Carrera para beneficiarse con contratos millonarios de la Secretaría de Educación de Veracruz (SEV) cuando era funcionario de esa dependencia con los priistas Fidel Herrera y Javier Duarte, mantiene negocios con el gobierno de Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares.

Ésta sociedad forma parte de la red de compañías con las que Spinoso desvió recursos públicos en los dos sexenios pasados y la controlan personajes de los que echó mano para comprar propiedades en Veracruz y Texas.

Articulo y fuente: ONEA. Organización nacional anticorrupción.

Tulum, Qr. 22 de mayo, 2019.


The Gulf crisis.. As Now!!


On the issue: we have to say that at this very moment, That – “all on guard”. President Donald Trump, just make it very claer to Iran.. “if their make the move. Their meet total destruction”.

Lets hope for the best. I personally think that this crisis would come off, with no use of force. But if ratherwise, Iran would we pounded hard.

Editor II.


México, The Yucatán Peninsula & Riviera Maya.

(Bloomberg). -Eaton Vance large-cap value fund, beat 92% of peers this year.


At least one investor is winning with Wall Street’s worst-performing trade.

While cheaper stocks have underperformed in the last decade, Eaton Vance Management’s 88-year-old Large-Cap Value Fund, one of the oldest U.S. mutual funds, is beating the market and peers this year in defiance of the overall trend. Value can be a winner if you look at the right metrics, according to Edward J. Perkin, the chief equity investment officer who oversees $45 billion at the Boston-based firm.

Tuesday 21, May.


We are watching the escalation of hostilities, in the Gulf.

-Good morning, we are watching very cloose this story as development news comes from sources.

We are sure the amount of power shown by the “6th Fleet, Nuclear attack Battle groupe”, will play a mayor role. Their presences its overwhelming.

So thats for now.

Great monday to all, and star of week.

Editor II.


Glass Cristina, — 18/05/19. Concierto/ Mérida. new single released. Patito’s Beer terrace

Mérida, Yucatán. Mañana Sabado 18, es la cita!!

 New Single World premiere & concert. 


Lugar: Patitos Beer Terrace Bar at Progreso’s Highway.



Buy your Tikets Now! As this concert is almost a SOLD OUT EVENT !

GLASS CRISTINA // 6:00 PM // Patito’s Place.



CITTADELA; “Desarrollo Residencial Premium Triple A; Mérida, Yucatán”.


CITADELLA, desarrollo residencial al norte de Merida, Yucatán. Anoche se realizo – Corte de liston.





Kyle Bass Exits Offshore Yuan Bet as PBOC Squeezes Shorts – Bloomberg.

#InternationalNews #Bloomberg

It may seem like a strange time for hedge fund manager Kyle Bass to exit his short bet against the offshore yuan– just as the trade looks to have a chance of becoming seriously profitable.

Almost four years after the long-time China bear made the wager, the currency is under increasing pressure amid a worsening trade conflict. If nothing else, fears of a global economic slowdown are giving traders a reason to flee to the haven of the dollar. That points to further weakness in emerging-market currencies, the yuan included.

It’s unclear when exactly Bass closed the position, which he held as recently as March. The Hayman Capital Manager founder no longer has a vested interest in China’s currency, he told Bloomberg Television in the U.S. in an interview Tuesday. Had Bass closed the trade in April, he wouldn’t have profited much. In July 2015, the offshore yuan was trading at around 6.2 per dollar; it was at 6.7 in April, a depreciation of about 7.5 percent.

A Good Trade?

The yuan hasn’t weakened beyond 7 to the dollar since Bass made his short bet

Source: Bloomberg.


Beting on capital markets has always been that, until Chinese made it clear, their determination and full character as a discipline culture. On resume, dont mess with them.

01;59 a.m. May 15.

(REUTERS). U.S. senators offer bill targeting Russia-Germany pipeline.

#World #InternationalNews

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A group of Republican and Democratic U.S. senators introduced legislation on Tuesday seeking sanctions targeting the Nord Stream 2, a planned gas pipeline from Russia to Germany under fire from the United States and some European Union countries.

The bill introduced by Republican Senators Ted Cruz, John Barrasso and Tom Cotton and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, seeks to impose travel and financial sanctions on companies and individuals involved in constructing the pipeline.

The legislation reflects continued U.S. concerns over Russian influence in Europe, but the measure is many steps from becoming law. It would need to pass both the Senate and House of Representatives and be signed by President Donald Trump to go into effect.

The Nord Stream 2 project is led by the Russian state-owned gas company Gazprom, with funding from Germany’s Uniper and BASF unit Wintershall, Anglo-Dutch firm Shell, Austria’s OMV and France’s Engie.

Opponents of the 11-billion-euro ($12 billion) project worry its construction will increase European reliance on Russian energy. Trump has accused Germany of being “captive” to Moscow because of its dependence on Russian energy, and urged that the project be halted.

But gas by pipeline from Russia offers Germany, the biggest economy in Europe, and other countries in the region a cheaper option for fuel than liquefied natural gas from the United States and other producers.

Germany also wants to reduce its reliance on coal and nuclear energy.

The pipeline, which would carry gas straight to Germany under the Baltic Sea, has also been criticized because it would deprive Ukraine of lucrative gas transit fees, potentially making Kiev more vulnerable.

Washington has touted liquefied natural gas, delivered by U.S. companies, as an alternative to Russian gas. Information from: REUTERS.