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The Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland

Saturday, June 21. By the publisher. We are glad to bring you this piece of art.

The Trinity library. Located in Dubling, Ireland.

So there goes out my heart again with this one poem, from Ireland best poet;

W.B. Yeats “When You are Old”

When you are old and gray and full of sleep
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep.


USS Abraham Lincoln – Sailing down Beutifully.

REUTERS. Portaviones USS Abraham Lincoln Navengando en el océano Índico. 🇺🇸

El comunicado de John Bolton subraya que “EE.UU. no busca una guerra con el régimen de Irán”, y agrega que Washington “está completamente preparado para responder a cualquier ataque”.

El asesor de Seguridad Nacional de EE.UU., John Bolton, ha anunciado en un comunicado que el país está desplegando el grupo de combate del portaviones USS Abraham Lincoln y un grupo operativo de bombarderos a la región supervisada por el Mando Central (CENTCOM, por sus siglas en inglés) “para enviar un mensaje claro y e inequívoco” a Irán de que “cualquier ataque contra los intereses estadounidenses o de sus aliados se enfrentará con una fuerza implacable”.  — 

Tulum, QR. Mayo 6/19′ – 0515 hrs.

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A new species of ancient human, adapted to climbing trees, has been discovered in the Philippines!


In the Philippines Islands, a  twist in the story of human evolution just has been solved.


The specimen, named Homo luzonensis, was excavated from Callao cave on Luzon island in the northern Philippines and has been dated to 50,000-67,000 years ago – when our own ancestors and the Neanderthals were spreading across Europe and into Asia.


Florent Détroit, of the Natural History Museum in Paris and the paper’s first author, said the discovery provided the latest challenge to the fairly straightforward prevalent narrative of human evolution.

It was once thought that no humans left Africa until about 1.5 million years ago, when a large-bodied ancient human called Homo erectus set off on a dispersal that ultimately allowed it to occupy territory spanning Africa and Spain, China and Indonesia.

Then, according to the traditional narrative, after a few hundred-thousand years of not much happening, our own ancestors dispersed from Africa about 50,000 years ago.

We now know that it was a much more complex evolutionary history, with several distinct species contemporaneous with Homo sapiens, interbreeding events, extinctions,” said Détroit. “Homo luzonensis is one of those species and we will that a few thousand years back in time, Homo sapiens was definitely not alone on Earth.”

So we know it all along the way. There are still many strange animal to be discovered yet.

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Tulum,Qr. 11/04/19′.