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🔴 Gonzalo Gil-White, a wanted white collard fugitive.. by INTERPOL wants to keep operations in NYSE


White collar Fugitive,

The son of former minister of the tresury of México :

Gonzalo Gil White,

who is wanted by Mexican and international authorities for fraud committed with the company Oro Negro, seeks to liquidate in advance a company that presides in the United States, which is called Opes Acquisition Corporation.

Gil White sent to the stock market of the American Union, a call for the shareholders of the company where he proposes to “approve the early liquidation of the company and the redemption of 100 percent of the public shares in circulation

The appointment is on September 16, at 10 am, at the offices of the Company’s lawyer, Graubard Miller, at number 405 on Lexington Avenue, 11th floor, in New York.

On September 3, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) issued a red counter against the founders and partners of Oro Negro, including José Antonio Cañedo White, Miguel Ángel Villa Vargas, Carlos Enrique Williamson Nasi, Alonso del Val Echeverría and Gil White.

The red token allows managers to be searched in 194 nations.

According to data provided to the U.S. stock market, José Antonio Cañedo White has served as executive director of Opes Adquisicion Corp since July 2017.


Opes Acquisition Corp operates as a strategic procurement company.



The company aims to purchase several businesses and assets, through mergers, transactions in the stock exchange, acquisition of assets, purchase of shares and corporate reorganizations, according to its description in the stock market.



The company also has offices in Mexico, which are located in Plaza Torre I, Javier Barros Sierran Numeral 540, office 103, in the Santa Fe neighborhood, in the capital of the country.


The Mexican authorities have indicated that Cañedo White has legal residence in US soil and reported trips between the cities of Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida on July 26 and 27, 2019. It is estimated that he is still in that country where he registers Address located at:



Brickell Travel 66W Flagler St. 8 Floor, Miami Fl. 33310



“I would like to see you at the meeting,” concludes the letter sent by Gonzalo Gil White to shareholders dated on September 4 of this year.


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Friday september 13, 2019

AMLO’s Mexico Budget Projects Growth Exceeding Forecasts – Bloomberg markets

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sent Congress a 2020 budget plan that assumes a growth scenario many economists see as too optimistic.

Mexico’s economy will expand 1.5% to 2.5% in 2020, according to the proposal submitted by Finance Minister Arturo Herrera ahead of Sunday night’s deadline. Analysts in a Bloomberg survey on average see an expansion of 1.5%, with none expecting growth to exceed 1.9%, which is also the International Monetary Fund’s forecast in July.

The plan calls for a primary surplus, which excludes debt interest payments, that’s equivalent to 0.7% of gross domestic product. That compares to 1% expected for 2019. Investors have been awaiting the plan to check for fiscal slippage as AMLO, as the leftist is known, balances spending on social services, security and Petroleos Mexicanos against the constraints of a stalled economy.

“Overall, a relatively fair budget, but the assumptions on growth and oil production are definitely on the optimistic side,” said Alberto Ramos, chief Latin America economist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. “The key question for investors and markets will be whether the administration is ultimately strongly committed to deliver the 0.7% of GDP primary fiscal target or not.”

The plan foresees oil output of 1.951 million barrels per day, implying an increase of about 18% from recent levels. After years of declines, state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, stabilized its production at 1.66 million barrels a day in the second quarter. The proposal includes 86 billion pesos ($4.4 billion) to help Pemex via tax breaks and other measures.

The budget is the first that AMLO will send to Congress with his full imprint. The government had just two weeks to prepare the 2019 budget after he took office in December, which also left Congress with little time to debate it.

Mexico’s lower house has until Oct. 20 to approve the revenue law, which must then be passed by the Senate by Oct. 31. The spending law, which only needs lower house approval, must be passed by Nov. 15.

Herrera and other officials had promised in recent days that the 2020 plan would be fiscally responsible and reassuring to investors. The peso was little changed at 19.5383 per dollar on Sunday night immediately after the budget plan was revealed

The government on Sunday also lowered its growth projection for this year to 0.6% to 1.2% — down from an April forecast of 1.1% to 2.1%. That’s still above the outlook of the central bank, which sees an expansion of as little as 0.2%. Policy makers cut Mexico’s benchmark interest rate last month for the first time in five years, shaving a quarter point from a decade-high 8.25%.

Even with the government’s rosy scenarios, the 4% average growth that AMLO has promised over his six years in office looks hard to attain. The finance ministry in April in a preliminary budget document had projected growth of 1.4% to 2.4% for next year as well as a primary surplus of 1.3%.

“The fiscal goals on their own may not look so bad, but the adjustment could be interpreted as a sign that the commitment to fiscal goals that AMLO has kept until now could be eroding,” said Felipe Hernandez of Bloomberg Economics. “Investors could start asking more questions.”

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Banxico; Ultimas noticias. Politica Monetaria


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Banxico, -prevee bajar tasas en septiembre.


#Banxico #Economia-Mexico

Ciudad de México, 24 de Abril, De acuerdo con el sondeo quincenal, la mediana de economistas de instituciones financieras recorrió su expectativa de recorte de tasas de interés al mes de septiembre de este año, luego de que en las últimas encuestas había permanecido en noviembre de 2019.

“El consenso de nuestra encuesta ahora muestra a Banxico recortando la tasa antes de lo que se esperaba”, indicó Citibanamex.

Esta es la fecha más temprana para la mediana de la encuesta desde el estudio correspondiente a enero de este año. Aun así, los analistas creen que el recorte de tasas por parte de Banxico procederá con cautela, ya que las estimaciones para cierre de año de la tasa de política monetaria en 2019 y 2020 se mantuvieron sin cambios respecto al previo en 8.00 y 7.25 por ciento, respectivamente.

No obstante, algunos participantes, como los economistas de Credit Suisse, anticipan mayores recortes para 2019, pues prevén un cierre de año en 7.25 por ciento, es decir 100 puntos base menos que el nivel actual de la tasa de Banxico.

“Los resultados de nuestra encuesta más reciente continuaron mostrando una fuerte convicción de que Banxico recortará la tasa de política monetaria en los próximos 11 meses, ya que el 87 por ciento de los encuestados se encuentran en este campo”, indicó Banamex

Por otra parte, las expectativas para la inflación general al cierre de 2019 bajaron a 3.60, desde 3.69 por ciento, mientras que para 2020 también hubo una reducción a 3.60, desde 3.65 por ciento. Las expectativas para la inflación subyacente en 2019 y 2020 se mantuvieron sin cambios en 3.50 y 3.40 por ciento, respectivamente.

En tanto, las estimaciones para el tipo de cambio señalan una depreciación más limitada del peso contra el dólar en 2019, ya que el consenso prevé para el cierre de 2019 un tipo de cambio en 19.95, menor a los 20.10 pesos por dólar esperados en la encuesta previa.


La semana pasada, el subgobernador del Banco de México, Javier Guzmán, señaló en una presentación en Washington que si bien los analistas esperan un recorte de tasas este año, las expectativas de inflación siguen estando elevadas.

“Los analistas anticipan una relajación de la política monetaria más adelante en el año, pero en un contexto de expectativas de inflación a corto y largo plazo por encima del objetivo del 3.0 por ciento. Esto sugiere una inconsistencia en sus estimaciones entre la trayectoria de la tasa de interés esperada y la convergencia hacia el objetivo, y un problema de credibilidad con el objetivo”, indicó Guzmán.

El subgobernador agregó que si bien los bancos centrales más importantes del mundo como la Reserva Federal de Estados Unidos y el Banco Central Europeo alivian los riesgos de la política monetaria en México, no eliminan, ni modifican significativamente las expectativas de inflación. Con informacion de Financiero-Bloomberg Capital Markets

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