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A Billion Surveillance Cameras Forecast to Be Watching Within Two Years

Charges of Ukrainian Meddling? A Russian Operation, U.S. Intelligence Says – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Republicans have sought for weeks amid the impeachment inquiry to shift attention to President Trump’s demands that Ukraine investigate any 2016 election meddling, defending it as a legitimate concern while Democrats accuse Mr. Trump of pursuing fringe theories for his benefit.

The Republican defense of Mr. Trump became central to the impeachment proceedings when Fiona Hill, a respected Russia scholar and former senior White House official, added a harsh critique during testimony on Thursday. She told some of Mr. Trump’s fiercest defenders in Congress that they were repeating “a fictional narrative.” She said that it likely came from a disinformation campaign by Russian security services, which also propagated it.

In a briefing that closely aligned with Dr. Hill’s testimony, American intelligence officials informed senators and their aides in recent weeks that Russia had engaged in a yearslong campaign to essentially frame Ukraine as responsible for Moscow’s own hacking of the 2016 election, according to three American officials. The briefing came as Republicans stepped up their defenses of Mr. Trump in the Ukraine affair.

The revelations demonstrate Russia’s persistence in trying to sow discord among its adversaries — and show that the Kremlin apparently succeeded, as unfounded claims about Ukrainian interference seeped into Republican talking points. American intelligence agencies believe Moscow is likely to redouble its efforts as the 2020 presidential campaign intensifies. The classified briefing for senators also focused on Russia’s evolving influence tactics, including its growing ability to better disguise operations.

From The New York Times.

Stock Market Today: Dow, S&P Live Updates for Nov. 22, 2019 – Bloomberg

From Bloomberg Capital Markets New York.

U.S. equity futures edged higher and European stocks advanced as investors digested the latest headlines on the trade dispute between America and China. Treasuries rose along with benchmark bonds in Europe after a mixed bag of economic data.

Contracts on all three main U.S. gauges pointed to a firm open, though they briefly erased gains earlier. Treasuries and government bonds in Europe reversed losses after a measure of services in the euro area disappointed, even as Germany reported better-than-expected manufacturing numbers. The common currency fluctuated.

Miners and energy companies helped lead the Stoxx Europe 600 Index higher in the wake of oil’s strongest close since September. The pound fell — boosting British equities — following a gloomy reading of U.K. company sentiment. Japanese shares steadied after three days of declines, while stocks climbed in Australia and Hong Kong, and slipped in China.


ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Killed By U.S. Military: Newsweek – Bloomberg

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The Americans will see attack on Saudi oil as an attack on them

Video of Saudi Arabia oil plant attack

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-The Americans have always blamed Iran for sustaining the Yemen conflict and in a delicate region, this attack is very dangerous.

One of the two oil facilities struck in the early hours of Saturday morning was recently described by one industry expert as the the Achilles Heel of the Saudi oil industry.

Its size and production capacity makes it a critical part of the global oil supply industry.

It’s not yet clear how much damage was caused to the two plants or for how long production will be impacted, but the Saudi oil minister confirmed overnight a temporary loss of 5.7 million barrels per day of production because of the attacks.

For context, Saudi Arabia pumped 9.8 million barrels per day in August.

The Abqaiq plant was the target of a failed al Qaeda attack in 2006. Since then it has been heavily fortified but is still vulnerable from the air, especially from drones which can bypass air defence systems.

In terms of the impact on the global market and oil supply: well, short term there may be a problem which will become clear when the markets open on Monday morning.

But longer term the gap will probably be bridged by increasing production elsewhere and by releasing reserves into the market.

The much bigger concern now is the geopolitical fallout and the consequence for regional security.

The US government is in no doubt that the Saudi drone attacks were the work of Iran.

The operation was claimed by the Yemeni Houthi rebel group but they are known to get weapons and technology from their main backer, Iran, who are suspected by other nations to use relatively low-tech ‘attack drones’ as weapons.

With cheap new technologies, small attack or ‘kamikaze’ drones are proving to be disproportionately effective when successful.


Two weeks ago, Israel carried out what they said was a preemptive strike on fighters they said were linked to Iran’s elite Quds Force who were preparing to launch a drone from Syria (where Iran now has a strong foothold) to attack Israel.



US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tehran had launched an “unprecedented attack on the world’s oil supply”, adding that there was “no evidence that the drones were launched from Yemen”.



It’s true that, geographically, the two oil refineries are closer to Iran and Iraq (where Iran has a foothold) than to Yemen



With information from “Sky-News”, London, UK.



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Tulum, Qr. September 15, 2019

Explosión nuclear en Rusia cerca del Mar de Barents

MOSCÚ (Reuters) – La agencia nuclear estatal Rosatom dijo el sábado que cinco de sus empleados murieron en un accidente durante pruebas realizadas en una instalación militar en el norte de Rusia.

El accidente Ocurrió durante el soporte técnico y de ingeniería en las fuentes de energía isotópica de un sistema de propulsión líquida, dijo Rosatom en un comunicado.

La declaración no daba detalles de las fuentes de energía isotópica. Rosatom, contactado por Reuters, se negó a clarificar el tema.

Al preguntársele si se había producido una liberación de radiación como resultado del incidente, una portavoz dijo que Rosatom no tenía nada que informar, además de las declaraciones publicadas anteriormente por el Ministerio de Defensa y las autoridades regionales.

Otros tres miembros del personal sufrieron lesiones, incluidas quemaduras, y recibían tratamiento médico en instalaciones especializadas, según el informe.

Las autoridades rusas habían dicho anteriormente que dos personas habían muerto en el incidente y que una ciudad cercana había informado de un aumento de los niveles de radiación cuando un motor de cohete de propulsor líquido estalló el jueves en un lugar de pruebas en la región de Arkhangelsk.

Imagenes exclusivas propiedad de

Area cercana al complejo nuclear.

Mar de Barents, muy cerca del “Polo Norte”.

Lugar de la explosión. Bases navales submarinas ultrasecretas de la ex Unión Sovietica. Son invisibles incluso a radares y satelites.